• "Paradise Theatre brings back all the glory that Styx embodied within 70's arena rock.

    Soaring vocals and blazing guitars, backed by a driving rhythm section and the ever present "synth" sound that defined that Rock N' Roll era, Paradise Theater nails every attribute. Polished musicians, who are clearly inspired by the subtle intonations within the songwriting, bring your favorite Styx tunes and well chosen B-Side classics to life."

    Paul Dyer Leftapalooza 2015 judge and former talent buyer for the Dickens Opera House (Longmont)
  • If I had a dollar for every "amazing" and "wow" and "that band was awesome" I have heard as talent buyer, I would be a rich lady.

    Paradise Theatre truly surprised me in a terrific way, bringing me back to my youth (which is always nice!) as I found myself singing along with their spot on renditions of Styx hits. From first contact, the band was professional, responsive, and helpful. They draw a pleasant audience, the band plays impeccably together, and the energy at a Paradise Theatre show is amazing! A Paradise Theater performance is a treat I would recommend for all!

    Karen Stile - Talent Buyer, Dickens Opera House
  • I have been a Styx fan for years and it is awesome to see the level of quality and talent these guys have!

    The talent and synergy these guys have is amazing!

    Felicia Labbe
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