"Styx was one of the greatest American rock bands and they only got a bad rap cause most critics are cynical assholes."

- scene from Big Daddy movie with Adam Sandler.

We agree. What's more, their music is timeless, living on in the hearts and minds of old fans while continuing to reach new generations of fans. It is the mission of Paradise Theatre to do our part to help with that.

Founded in 2014, Paradise Theatre is comprised of veteran musicians whose musical and performing experiences span several decades. Their tribute authentically captures the Styx unique musical blend of pop rock with hard-rock guitar, strong ballads and elements of international musical theater, and delivers it to local venues and events through the many familiar and loved Styx hit songs.

Paradise Theatre is:

Greg Whipkey--Keyboards, Vocals

Greg Whipkey

Greg grew up in the mid-west, cutting his rock and roll teeth on bands such as REO Speedwagon, Kansas, Journey and other great groups. But, the one band that gave him the grandeous dreams that he still carries with him today was Styx. The creation of the cover band, Paradise Theatre, brought his dreams to a reality. As a keyboard player/lead and background singer, he has performed with numerous bands over the past 35 years.

Jeff Banach--Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

Jeff Banach

Jeff began playing guitar in high school, mainly to meet girls. He is a veteran of many local bands over the years, including Vis a’ Vis, Kid Foxx, Power Factor, Danny Masters Band, and 69 Times. Among his musical influences, Jeff includes Eric Clapton, Rush, Dream Theatre and The Beatles, and still finds himself angry with Yoko for breaking up “the boys.”

Jerry Skaw--Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals

Jerry Skaw

Jerry began playing guitar in his early teens, teaching himself by working with records from '70s influences that included Led Zepplin, Pat Travers, UFO, and others. Jerry studied with Jimmy Herring (Jazz is Dead, Widespread Panic), Steve Mesplé (Wind Machine), and Joe Scott (Wind Machine, Acoustic Eidolon). Jerry Skaw has over 30 years experience performing across the US with local rock and blues acts.

Lawrence Jenkins--Bass Guitar, Vocals

Lawrence Jenkins

Born in Brooklyn N.Y., Lawrence moved to Colorado in 1976 where he was introduced to the bass guitar by his Junior High School music teacher. Growing up in a fairly musical family, he took to the bass pretty easily and found himself gigging with rock bands early on in his musical career. Playing the bass for the better part of 4 decades has provided Lawrence with the privilege of sharing the stage with many rock giants such as: Frank Hannon (Tesla), Kip Winger (Winger) Phil Varone (Skid Row) and Y&T. Some past bands include: Tykodi, Axsent, Mercenary, The Moorheads and Last Men On Earth, a current local favorite in the Colorado front range area. With the invitation to join Paradise Theatre in it's fledgling stage, Lawrence found himself surrounded by some of the most talented musicians in the area. Lawrence is quoted as saying: "They're not only some of the best musicians in the area but some of the best friends anyone could have." He is quite excited to be part of such a great opportunity and is looking forward to many years of "Rocking the Paradise."

Henry Lokay--Drums, Vocals

Henry Lokay

Henry has been playing drums since the age of 3. He has studied both in the US and abroad and with the likes of Fred Buda of the Boston Pops, Neil Grover, and jazz great Alan Dawson. Henry has also studied music performance and business at the University of Massachusetts/Lowell. Henry's musical talents extend beyond drumming to include vocal performances with the Medieval Manor in Boston, and co-writing, playing, and singing with One Mile Down. While Henry's first love is Rock 'n Roll, he has extensive experience performing in musical theater with groups such as the Colonial Chorus, King Richard's Faire, Walpole Footlighters and Lynnfield Spotlighters. Henry has performed with various local acts and is currently the driving beat for the Styx tribute band, Paradise Theater.

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